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South Devon cattle possess the fertility, ease of calving, milking ability, rate of gain and carcass quality that have earned them the reputation as the maternal beef breed. Because they have the highest milk solids of any breed with an average butterfat content of 4.2%, they are a desirable cross. They are extremely docile and easy to handle. Gentle disposition is an important economic trait because it makes management easier and improves rate and efficiency of gain. South Devon bulls posses modern beef qualities of muscle, frame, and conformation.

Steers have been proven by feed lot owners to finish faster. The average South Devon steer finishes at 12-14 months of age with an average weight of 1150-1250 pounds and at 62-65% hanging carcass. Tests at the Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) in Clay, Nebraska show their meat to rate high in tenderness and juiciness. It has excellent texture and more flavor than most breeds.

At birth, South Devon calves are less coarse in their structure and are narrower in the shoulder than many other breeds. The South Devon cows also has a large pelvic area. These traits minimize dystocia problems. These cows will consistently produce calves over a long life span. The breeds outstanding maternal characteristics lead to early recycling and conception. They have excellent udders and teats, positive traits which lead to their longevity as a producer.

Data from a 1996 carcass project led, Dr. Michael Dikeman, Professor of Animal Science at Kansas State University, to state, "South Devon cattle tend to defy the general antagonism that exists between percentage meat yield and marbling... in other words, they have a higher percentage meat yield than other British cattle at the same marbling and at a common slaughter weight. South Devon cattle rank among the top three beef breeds for marbling."

Use South Devon cattle and take advantage of their tremendous inherent ability to pass there traits on to you the producer.

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