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Greater Ralston South Devons

In 1982 we bought our first South Devon bull. He came from the L-7 Ranch and his name was Kootenai Sash 25N. We had tried other breeds on our predominantly Polled Hereford herd. We had some black baldys as well as few red baldys, which were from Shorthorn, and Tarentaise crosses. We felt that the South Devon cross was the way to go. We continued using L-7 bulls and also kept some of our own. In 1990 we registered our herd. We have incorporated bloodlines from Leachman, Darlynn Cattle Company, Maple Leaf Acres, Bollenbach Cattle Company and X-E South Devons.

Our goal is to raise cattle, which are easy keeping, easy fleshing and easy calving. The South Devon breed possesses all these traits as well as being structurally correct. The udders and teats don't break down, which in turn increases the longevity of the cow. We have some cows in our herd which are 11 years old and still producing good calves. South Devons also are known for their carcasses.

We are located 12 miles south of Ritzville Washington, which is located at the junction of 395 and I-90. Ralston was a booming community in the early 1900's. Now all that is left is a grain elevator, Grange Hall, and around a dozen residents. Gone are the general stores, saloons, lumberyards railroad and whatever kept a typical small town thriving. This area is mostly wheat country, but to the east of us are the channeled scablands.which is only good for running cows on. It is dry and it takes about 25 to 30 acres to sustain a cow and calf. It is a harsh environment. We get an average of 9 to 11 inches of precipitation a year. South Devons have acclimated very well to this area. So if you are interested in trying some genetics which will have some positive effects, try the breed known for it's longevity, milk, maternal instincts, carcass and above all, a very gentle disposition. Try South Devon. We are very proud of our herd and would enjoy visiting with you, or better yet showing you our cattle.

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